Saturday, February 28, 2009

12 good reasons to sleep in...

12)the sun will still be shining when you do decide to wake up.
11)your brain needs more rest.
10)just 30 more minutes and you can finish that amazing dream about the tall blonde model and her friend...
9) work can wait.
8)its so warm in bed... and freezing out of it.
7)two words: HUNG over.
6)you're not quite sure who that person is lying next to you... better to just go back to sleep. they should be gone by the time you wake up later.
5)you have nothing better to do.
4)class in an hour and you still didn't finish that 10 page paper... didn't start it for that matter.
3)bills to pay and a week and a half till payday.
2)you actually have that tall blonde model and her friend in bed with you

and the number one reason to sleep in...
1)dreams are just so much better than real life :o)