Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tis the Season to be Thankful

The things I'm thankful for this year:

- I'm thankful for my family. They give me the strength and support when I need it the most and they are always there to back up my decisions. I, in return, will always be there for them no matter what they need or when they need me.

- I'm additionally thankful for my second family. They have taught me what it means to stick together through thick and thin and how to party! Haha. They have such a sense of togetherness and I have always been included in all of their family events, making me feel as if I really am part of their family.

- I am infinitely thankful for my boyfriend. He sacrifices so much, only to make me happy. He has always been my #1 fan and I could never thank him enough for how he has helped me achieve the things that I want. I am so lucky to have someone like him by my side.

- I am thankful for my friends - old and new. Old familiar friendships have helped me realize that some things really are worth fighting for and new friendships have shown me that I will always do my best to make someone happy. I will never take a friendship for granted, no matter how close we are.

- I am thankful for my god-daughter Soleil. Even though she is far away, her smile warms my heart. She is a brilliant young child and the promise for a bright future makes me proud.

- I am thankful for my job. It has it's challenges, but being here has helped me realize what I want to do with my life. I am thankful for every interaction I have with patients and every chance to make someones day a little bit better.

- I am thankful for all the silly material things in my life. Not because they are material, but because without them I would not have a roof over my head, a mode of transportation, food in my house, clothes to wear, or books for my education.

- I am thankful for the inspiration, creativity, drive, and determination that will continue to propel me forward. Without these, I would be lost and destined for failure.

- I am thankful for my life. There will be ups and downs, but the good times will ALWAYS outweigh the bad.

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