Thursday, October 8, 2009


The dark of night approaches suddenly
as the black cat crosses her path
The chill in the air is crisp tonight
she begins to nervously laugh

She wanders along the crowded street
looking for a familiar face
When all she sees are ghosts and goblins
and creatures from outer space

Shes looking for someone
Some one
Some one
Someone she used to know

But the huge bursts of air,
the wind through the trees,
The cold autumn night,
and the crunchy brown leaves

Managed to send her astray;
The wind knocked her down
The cold made her chill
and the leaves caught in her gown

She arose and stood tall
her head high to the sky
Continued to walk
but didn't know why

Every face she passed by
she examined them all
Looking for any small detail
she could have recalled

What she failed to realize
till the stroke of midnight
The face she searched for
was her own in the light

She looked at her reflection
and gave a loud gasp
The face that looked back
was wearing a mask

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